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Your Complete Marathon Resource

From our comprehensive Marathon Calendar to our Comparison and Time Conversion Tools to our hundreds of course-specific Marathon Pace Bands. We can help you Find, Compare, and Pace your perfect marathon.

Find: Use our comprehensive Marathon Calendar of nearly 1,000 marathons to find your perfect race. Quickly view the elevation profile, speed of the course, or even compare marathons side-by-side.

Have a specific type of marathon in mind? Use our Advanced Search Tools (Location, State, Keyword) to find your marathon based on the criteria that is important to you such as Race Day Temperature, Boston Marathon Qualifier, Course (Hilly, Rolling, Flat, Downhill, etc.), and much more.

Compare: After you've narrowed your search, use the comparison tools to view the details of your races side-by-side or even convert your times between races using the Marathon Time Converter Tools.

Pace: Once you've found your marathon, make sure you stay on the right pace by creating a race-specific Marathon Pace Band based on the topography of the course, your goal time, and your pacing strategies. Over 370 course-specific Pace Bands are available based on peer reviewed running pace research. And if you already have paces in mind, you can even create a Pace Band with your custom paces.

The Marathon and Half Marathon Pace Band creators are free to use. Water-proof, tear-proof, snap-on Pace Bands are available for sale as well for $6.99.

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Create a free customized Marathon Pace Wristband based on your goals and adjusted for the course elevation changes.

Purchase Water-proof, Snap-on Pace Bands for just $6.99.

Choose from 350 different marathons or use your own paces.

NEW!!! Personalized Race Bibs

We're excited to announce that you can now create your own Personalized Race Bibs.

Would you like to hear spectators to give you that extra motivation as you run by? Create a personalized race bib with your name or motivational phrase to help spectators and fellow runners cheer you on.

Marathon Elevation Profiles

Currently there are Course Elevation Profiles for 463 marathons. The majority of Elevation Profiles use the same scale which makes comparing courses much easier. Select the 'Compare' feature on the Advanced Search Tools or on the Marathon Calendar to compare races.

This Week's Marathon Calendar

Date Race Name
06/25/2016Charlevoix Marathon
Charlevoix, MI
06/25/2016Run4Troops Marathon
Dubuque, IA
06/25/2016Pacific Crest Marathon
Sunriver, OR
06/25/2016Taylor Mountain Marathon
Issaquah, WA
06/25/2016Lake Cadillac Marathon
Cadillac, MI
06/26/2016Kona Marathon
Kailua-Kona, HI
06/26/2016Bay of Fundy Marathon
Lubec , ME
06/26/2016Grant-Pierce Indoor Marathon
Arlington, VA
06/26/2016San Lorenzo River Marathon
Santa Cruz, CA

Next Week's Marathon Calendar

Date Race Name
07/02/2016Powderface42 Marathon
Bragg Creek, AB
07/02/2016Cook Park Marathon
Tigard, OR
07/03/2016Angel Fire Adventure Marathon
Angel Fire, NM
07/03/2016Stars and Stripes Marathon
Beaverton, OR
07/03/2016Marathon Mamu
Sept Iles, QC
07/03/2016Gold Coast Airport Marathon
Southport, AU
07/04/2016Foot Traffic Flat Marathon
Portland, OR