Marathon March Madness: Final Four is Set


The Final Four is set for the Marathon March Madness Tournament with the Boston Marathon , Wineglass Marathon, Big Sur International Marathon , and Grandma’s Marathon vying for the 2015 Marathon March Madness Tournament crown.

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The voting for the Final Four starts today and will conclude at 11:59pm Eastern on Friday.

Elite Eight Wrap-up

In a huge upset in the East Region, the Wineglass Marathon defeated the number one seed, New York City Marathon 70%-30%.

The Boston Marathon continued its dominance of the South Region by handily defeating the San Francisco Marathon 72%-28%.

In the Midwest Region, Grandma’s Marathon, fresh off a close match up with fellow Minnesota marathon Twin Cities, defeated the Chicago Marathon.

The West Region saw the Big Sur International Marathon winning in a close match up over the Eugene Marathon.

Elite Eight Results

Wineglass Marathon (70%)
New York City Marathon (30%)

Boston Marathon (72%)
San Francisco Marathon (28%)

Grandma’s Marathon (64%)
Chicago Marathon (36%)

Big Sur International Marathon (53%)
Eugene Marathon (47%)


Cowtown Marathon Alternatives


Mother Nature has struck again.  Last week the Central Park and Hyannis Marathons were cancelled due to the weather or course conditions.  Today Cowtown Marathon officials announced that the Cowtown Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, March 1st, was going to be cancelled due to the course conditions.

We all know the months of preparation and planning that goes into a single 26.2 mile race.  Fortunately, there are lots of other options out there to put that hard earned fitness to the test.

Below are some races in the next few weeks that are relatively close to Ft. Worth.  You can also use our Search By Location tool or Calendar to find other alternative races.

All races below are certified courses and registration is still open.