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Alternative Races for Runners Not Able to Finish Illinois Marathon


Weather has caused the cancellation of yet another marathon.  This time the Illinois Marathon was forced to shut down three hours and fifteen minutes after the start of the marathon due to severe lightning.  Runners were stopped and buses were sent to pick up runners still on the course.

Photographer: Heather Coit A Champaign police officer breaks the news to marathoner, Tara Worsham, of Decatur, that the course is closed because of incoming storms, during Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon near John Street and Crescent Drive in Champaign on Saturday, April 25, 2015.

Upcoming Marathons Close to Champaign, IL

Here is a list of some marathons relatively close to Champaign with registration still open for those unable to finish are:

Chicagoland Marathon – 5/17 (133 miles from Champaign)
Sunburst Marathon – 6/6 (151 miles)
Rockford Marathon -5/31 (155 miles)
Wisconsin Marathon – 5/2 (172 miles)
Kalamazoo Marathon – 5/3 (207 miles)
Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon – 5/3 (211 miles)


As per our policy, any runners who purchased a Pace Band from us and were unable to finish their marathon, receive a free Pace Band for their next race.