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How will the Hot Northeast Weather this Weekend Impact Your Marathon Times?


This Memorial Day weekend will see some very warm temperatures for marathon running.  These less than ideal temperatures will force most runners to slow their paces – especially in the Northeast.

Below we chart out how the expected race time temperatures and humidity levels will affect finish times for the Vermont City and Buffalo Marathons. The algorithms utilized are based on peer reviewed research on the affect of temperature and humidity on marathon finish times. You can find more comparisons by using the Year-By-Year Time Converter on the website.

Vermont City Marathonhot-weather-clip-art-73295
Forecast at Start: 72F with 64% Relative Humidity. Rising to low 80s during the race.

Buffalo Marathon
Forecast at Start: 70F with 80% Relative Humidity. Temperatures expected to rise into the high 70s during the race.

Adjusted Finish Time
Goal Time Vermont City Marathon Buffalo Marathon
3:00 3:08:17  3:07:39
3:30 3:40:56  3:40:06
4:00 4:14:04  4:13:00
4:30 4:47:46  4:46:25

Note: the affects on individuals may vary based on several variables such as size, gender, acclimation to running in warm weather, etc. Always use caution when running in warm weather and listen to your body to reduce heat related illnesses.


Boston Marathon Weather


We’ll update this as the weekend progresses. Last updated Monday, 4:30pm

The times for each Wave at the Halfway and Finish are based on the following finish times:

Wave 1: 3:00
Wave 2: 3:20
Wave 3: 3:50
Wave 4: 4:30

Start in Hopkinton   Temp Humidity Wind
Wave 1 (10:00am) Sunny 67F 28% 6mph from the NNE (Headwind)
Wave 2 (10:25am) Sunny 69F 26% 6mph from the NNE (Headwind)
Wave 3 (10:50am) Sunny 71F 23% 8mph from the NNE (Headwind)
Wave 4 (11:15am) Sunny 69F 25% 10mph from the NNE (Headwind)
Halfway   Temp Humidity Wind
Wave 1 (11:30am) Sunny 68F 22% 7mph from the North (Crosswind)
Wave 2 (12:05pm) Sunny 70F 22% 9mph from the North (Crosswind)
Wave 3 (12:45pm) Sunny 70F 23% 8mph from the ENE (Headwind))
Wave 4 (1:30pm) Sunny 70F 23% 5mph from the SSW (Tailwind)
Finish in Boston   Temp Humidity Wind
Wave 1 (1:00pm) Scattered Clouds 57F 42% 17mph from the ENE (Headwind)
Wave 2 (1:45pm) Mostly Cloudy 53F 55% 14mph from the East (Headwind)
Wave 3 (2:40pm) Mostly Cloudy 52F 57% 10mph from the East (Headwind))
Wave 4 (3:45pm) Scattered Clouds 52F 57% 12mph from the EnE (Headwind)