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Race Dates

2018: Saturday, November 10, 2018
2017: Saturday, November 11, 2017

Course Information

Profile: Rolling Hills
Type: Multiple Loops
Surface: Road/Pavement
Certified?: Yes

Race Day Weather

Mean Temp.: 53°F (11°C)
Average High: 64°F (17°C)
Average Low: 41° F (5°C)

Historical Weather

PR Score & Course Score

PR Score: 98.24
Course Score: 98.24

Race Size

2017: 335 Finishers
2016: 351 Finishers
2015: 374 Finishers

BQ Percentages

2018: N/A
2017: 9.9%
2016: 8.3%

Miscellaneous Information

Pace Groups?: No

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Course Description

The mostly paved, double loop Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon can be challenging because of the rolling hills. However, with only about 110 feet separating the high and low points of the course, most of the hills are small.

Approximately 23 miles of the double loop portion of the course winds through the historic military park. Traffic is usually light in the park. Sentries will be posted at each major turn and all turns will be marked.

Marathon Rankings

The Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon was the 174th largest marathon in the U.S. last year and was the 176th largest in 2016.

Last year 9.9% of finishers qualified for the Boston Marathon and 8.3% of runners qualified for Boston in 2016.

This gives the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon the 206th highest percentage of Boston Marathon qualifiers in the U.S. last year and the 270th highest percentage in 2016.

Its Course Score of 98.24 ranks it as the 292nd fastest marathon course in the U.S. and the 7th fastest course in Georgia.

The typical race time temperature and humidity levels are within the ideal range for optimal marathon performance. This, coupled with the Course Score, gives the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon a PR Score of 98.24. This PR Score ranks it as the 237th fastest marathon in the U.S. and the 6th fastest in Georgia.

Learn more about PR Scores and Course Scores on the FAQ page.

Elevation Chart

Max Elevation: 805 feet (245m)
Min Elevation: 690 feet (210m)


Recent Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon Reviews

5 Stars from 4 Reviews
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review of 2017 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


If you like smallish marathons (300 or so runners) in a beautiful surroundings, this is a great choice. It is not flat, but the gently rolling topography is very manageable. The double-loop course helps you know what to expect in the later half of the race, but the scenery is so lovely you won't mind seeing it twice. Add outstanding volunteers, great course support, and a spectator shuttle to help your family cheer you on throughout the race, and you have one spectacular experience. Early to mid-November in north GA also gives you a fighting chance at great marathon weather, as we had this year. This was my fifth marathon and by far the most enjoyable overall.

Race Tips

As I mentioned the course is a double loop. The only hill of any significance is toward the back end of the loop, so once you have topped that, the most you'll have is some incline here and there.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Get to the start area early; parking fills up quickly. Also, Fort Oglethorpe is a small town, so plan ahead if you need hotel accommodations.

review of 2015 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Great, well organized race! The weather is always cold and the course is scenic. Rolling hills, but nothing too big if you are trained for them.

Race Tips

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2015 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Race Tips

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2013 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Very pretty two loop course thru the Chickamauga Battlefield. Small to mid-size (400 in full; 800 in half) race that is well organized. Only real complaint is traffic getting into the race. I was almost 90 minutes early and still spent 25 minutes going the final 4 blocks.

Plenty of water stops, all w/ sports drink. I didn't see any gel but I did see some fruit and candy. The course is well marked and there's virtually no traffic.
Very few fans but the race does shuttle folks out to spots on the course so you get a few nice pockets of cheering. First timers get a framed certificate acknowledging their accomplishment. Nice touch!!

Race Tips

As a two loop course you know what to expect when fatigue sets in. There are many rollers but I feel they are of the type that help you since you use different muscles not the steep kind that kick your butt. I ran my fastest race in years so I think its a fast course.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

I stayed in Chattanooga TN which is only about 15 minutes away. As I said get there early. Parking is close to start line so you can relax and stay warm in your car. There was a pasta dinner @ the church where the expo was held but I didn't eat there.

Finish Time Equivalent

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