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Race Dates

2018: Sunday, November 4, 2018
2017: Sunday, November 5, 2017

Course Information

Profile: Rolling Hills
Type: Point to Point
Surface: Road/Pavement
Certified?: Yes

Race Day Weather

Mean Temp.: 51°F (10°C)
Average High: 58°F (14°C)
Average Low: 45° F (7°C)

Historical Weather

PR Score & Course Score

PR Score: 98.35
Course Score: 98.35

Race Size

2017: 50,646 Finishers
2016: 51,264 Finishers
2015: 49,595 Finishers

BQ Percentages

2018: N/A
2017: 8.9%
2016: 7.9%

Miscellaneous Information

Pace Groups?: Yes

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Course Description

The New York City Marathon route touches all five boroughs of New York City: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. The course unites dozens of culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhoods, crosses five bridges, and finishes in world-famous Central Park. More than two million spectators crowd the sidelines.

Marathon Rankings

The New York City Marathon was the 1st largest marathon in the U.S. last year and was the 1st largest in 2016.

Last year 8.9% of finishers qualified for the Boston Marathon and 7.9% of runners qualified for Boston in 2016.

This gives the New York City Marathon the 228th highest percentage of Boston Marathon qualifiers in the U.S. last year and the 281st highest percentage in 2016.

Its Course Score of 98.35 ranks it as the 282nd fastest marathon course in the U.S. and the 12th fastest course in New York.

The typical race time temperature and humidity levels are within the ideal range for optimal marathon performance. This, coupled with the Course Score, gives the New York City Marathon a PR Score of 98.35. This PR Score ranks it as the 228th fastest marathon in the U.S. and the 10th fastest in New York.

Learn more about PR Scores and Course Scores on the FAQ page.

Elevation Chart

Max Elevation: 260 feet (79m)
Min Elevation: 7 feet (2m)


Recent New York City Marathon Reviews

4.7 Stars from 39 Reviews
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review of 2017 New York City Marathon.   

4 / 5 Stars


Long wait before the start but crowd of spectators are awesome if you need extra push.

Race Tips

If you want to run your pace and not in the Orange corrals, stay on your left at Brooklyn 4th Avenue stretch from about Mile 2.5 for Blue and Mile 3.3 for Green since Blue and Green runs on the right side of the 4th Avenue. And many in Orange goes to right side since there are lot more spectators on the right side. After Mile 8, course gets very narrow and you'll spend lots of energy weaving in and out. Try not to waste too much energy since you'll have chance to run at full speed again just before Mile 14. After crossing Queensboro Bridge, stay on the right side of 1st Avenue stretch if you want to run your pace. But if you want to support of spectators, write your name on your shirt and stay on the side where you get most support.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Couldn't help you there since I live in Brooklyn and this is local race.

review of 2016 New York City Marathon.   

2 / 5 Stars


Was a nice experience but a terrible marathon. Crowded like crazy, chaotic and super noisy. To much waiting and walking before race (about 3 hours). They make you walk an additional mile just to leave course.

Race Tips

Don't bother trying to negative split. Many pros have fallen trying this.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Bring a lot of money!

review of 2016 New York City Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Crowd support is beyond words. Cheering fans the whole way except bridges. Noise level comparable to super bowl. Incredibly well organized. Lots of support from enthusiastic people which is remarkable considering how many runners participate.

Race Tips

Course was rolling hills. More difficult than expected. Despite starting in the first corral, there were runners around me the entire way. Never collided before in a race, but had several in NY. But, everyone very polite. The gatorade/water stations were long and easy, but you had to be careful. Don't start too fast. Immediately climbing Verrazano bridge is a warmup.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Plan to enjoy the early morning logistics. Getting their early allows you to chat with others, stay relaxed.

review of 2016 New York City Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


Race Tips

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

review of 2016 New York City Marathon.   

5 / 5 Stars


It took 3 hours from ferry to race start and I didn't even drop a bag. Be very cautious. I barely made it to the corral in time. It's also a hilly course, so make sure you train accordingly. Living in coastal Texas-we have no hills, so I was in pain. Overall, it's a great race, very well put on and I can't wait to go again!

Race Tips

Negative split. Train for hills. Have a plan for placing your supporters along the route.

Logistical Tips (Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Discounts, etc.)

Find a hotel within a block or two of a subway terminal. Too much walking the days before is terrible.

Finish Time Equivalent

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